Oh, passion! Overflowing, devouring, it invades you and never leaves you.

I grew up with it, in a corner of my head. As time went by, it took up more and more space until it became obsessive. The transitional moment had come, switching from dream to reality. 

But what was this dream? In the beginning, in my earliest memories, I wanted to own everything that shone. I remember stealing my mother's jewellery and admiring it for a long time, trying it on, tuning it. Then this desire changed. I wanted to sell them, so that people would have as much fun as I did wearing them. Don't worry, I never sold my mother's jewellery. 

After a few years, I didn't want to sell them anymore, but to create them. I used to have fun drawing sketches of pieces I imagined I could wear. 

One day, with my desk drawers full of sketches, I decided to create them.

It was an enormous satisfaction to indulge this passion, an accomplishment, a relief. I was no longer haunted by these thoughts, I could live them. 

That's why I wish you all to have a passion and to be able one day to take action, to try, to create and simply to enjoy.

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