But what is filigree?

It is an ancestral jewellery technique, using silver wires.

My definition is very abstract, I grant you. I will try to be clearer. Filigree has existed for thousands of years and is found today in several countries, such as Russia, Yemen, the Balkans, Portugal, Malta and Colombia, to name but a few.

What is filigree? I'll answer you, juggling with the thread. Funny, isn't it? We use two threads. A form wire and a "filling" wire. The form wire measures 0.8 mm and is laminated (flattened), while the filler wire measures 0.25 mm, is twisted and then laminated, so as to obtain a delicate lace.

A shape is created with the form wire, hence its name, and then the gaps are filled with the lace, which is rolled up beforehand to obtain different patterns. Then, soldering. 

This technique is very delicate and beautiful. Each piece is therefore perfectly imperfect, because it is handmade. 

I hope you will have as much pleasure in discovering the filigree pieces as I had in creating them. 

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