I love nature, architecture and paradoxes.

Combining clean lines with crazy curves is my challenge. A challenge that I meet by mixing nature and architecture. A piece of jewellery that appears to be simple, but in reality is the result of hard work, is for me the most successful.

So I try to create pieces according to what surrounds me, flora, urbanism, that's what drives me. I mention paradoxes, because I like what is simple but complex at the same time, naked but dressed, straight but deformed. The task is not obvious, but very interesting.

Curiosity must be cultivated to the utmost, it is essential. Always be alert, go beyond what our eyes see, interpret, appropriate so that an idea can emerge. An idea that will have to be rethought, reworked, perfected.

It is a long process, sometimes inconclusive, but necessary. This creative gymnastics requires daily training, in order to achieve automatic observation of the world around us.

Then, you have to let go of the bridle, throw yourself into the void and trust yourself.

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